La Grange is situated on the edge of a delightful Charente village amid vineyards and sunflower fields. The nearest town is Aigre (approximately 4 miles) which has a wide variety of shopping facilities and two restaurants. If you are a large party it is worth putting in an order at the local bakery if you want to be sure of getting your daily croissant.  

The town square in Aigre hosts a bustling market on Thursday mornings. There you can buy fish fresh from the coast that morning, a selection of the local and not-so-local cheeses, fruit and vegetables that are recently harvested, meat from the one of the best butchers in the area and an astonishing selection of olives, dried and candied fruits, and nuts from “Prune-Olive”, a friendly market trader. 

If you happen to be staying on the 27th of any month, then Rouillac market (about ten miles away) will provide you with a morning’s entertainment at the second biggest street market in France. You can buy almost anything here from livestock and farm equipment to grandfather clocks and clothing. A great experience.

There is little light pollution in the village (all of the street lights go out at 23.00 hours) and on a cloudless night you can see the stars in the sky with great clarity. Its a real pleasure to be able to come home after a good dinner in one of the excellent local restaurants and enjoy a coffee - and maybe a cognac - on the terrace while looking at the vast spread of starlit sky above the house.

Angouleme, Cognac and La Rochelle are within easy reaching distance and there is a wide variety of attractions for children. In the house you will find a file in which we keep details of these. We have also detailed some of them on this web site on the Local Attractions page.

This area  of France is well known for it's excellent cuisine, seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, wine, cognac and the local aperitif called Pineau des Charentes.

The Charente is said to enjoy a “micro climate” providing warm weather for most of the year. There is around 2,500 hours of sunshine annually making this part of France the second sunniest after Provence . Spring and Autumn are particularly pleasant for those who prefer a slightly cooler temperature with plenty of sunshine.

                                   "We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfilment"

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